My body weight story – like most I would believe – has been one of ups and downs and ups and downs, followed by more ups and downs. In high school I was thin, very thin. In first year university, I put on weight… a fair amount of weight. In high school I was on every possible team… swimming, synchro, volleyball, cross-country running, badminton, tennis; but in university that all stopped and the party lifestyle began and with it the weight. In my final year of university my husband to be and I started dating and a lot of our dating was physical… physical activity that is… I mean many of our dates were spent on rollerblades, and we often would blade from the west end (Humber River) to the east end of Toronto, ending up in The Beaches. On our other typical dates, we went to the gym together and worked out. With the return of activity into my lifestyle my weight dropped.

Early in our marriage, I took fitness to an entirely new level for me, I found the Bill Philips diet (i.e. basically eat cottage cheese, yogurt and Myoplex shakes 6d/week, followed by a free day where you can eat whatever you wanted). On top of the diet aspect, there was also an exercise aspect to the routine, part cardio, part weights done daily. I ended up looking like this…

But after a while, the strictness of the diet became challenging to maintain. When all you can eat is cottage cheese, yogurt and shakes 6days of the week… it makes going out for a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, a date night… well, it makes it impossible. Anyhow, by this point we were talking babies and with that I had my first, my son. Immediately after having my son, all the weight I gained in pregnancy (which wasn’t outside the norms) I lost and I was able to fit right back into my old wardrobe. Two years later I became pregnant with our daughter… and I got big, like big big. Like people asking if I was having twins big… nope, no twins, just big. After giving birth to my daughter though the weight didn’t drop, it stayed. I ended up holding in the high 130s/low 140s and looked like the BEFORE picture above.

It wasn’t until both my husband and I left our corporate careers and decided now that we were free to go all-in on our health did I start to work towards truly being healthy. All the diets, all the working out I did up to this point I realized was purely to achieve a good appearance, but it was cosmetic; how I looked even in early marriage had little to do with how healthy I was inside, it was smoke & mirrors. This time instead of starting out with a desire to simply look good, to fit into smaller sized clothing, this time my husband and I started on a quest for true health, health that would spring forth good looks, vitality, youthfulness, and more importantly now that we were hitting the mid-life years we wanted more… not just the look of youth, we wanted to feel youthful, we wanted to be youthful.

It wasn’t until we got a couple years in that I realized what it took to truly be healthy. I realized that true health wasn’t simply achieved by physically working out, I had to work on every part of my life… mentally what I thought, how I thought, what I focused on, what I discussed and who I had discussions with, and even more so emotionally… what I felt, what I allowed myself to feel, how I allowed others to make me feel. The importance of the mental and emotional aspects of health and well-being I share in the video below.

If like me you are done with the ups and downs of weight loss, have had enough of trying to make yourself healthy from the outside-in, if you truly want to be healthy, feel healthy, feel youthful and be youthful, then contact me: I’m sure we have a lot in common, I’m sure we will have a lot to discuss and we will get to work on getting you healthy, inside-out.

My story of personal change…